The ABC’s of Online MLM Marketing [VIDEO]

When it comes to Online MLM marketing, it’s quite a jungle out there.

If you’re a little lost, confused, and tired of trying to stand out from the millions of spammer (and scammers) out there – keep on reading for my ABC breakdown of online MLM marketing.

Starting from the beginning…

A – Audience and Authority

It’s important to know WHO your Target Audience is. Are they male or female? How old are they? What’s their occupation?

When you know your audience, your target market, you understand their pains and struggles,  you know what keeps them up at night, you know what stresses them out and you know their challenges.

You’re able to answer their questions. Provide solutions to their pain and speak directly to them.

online mlm marketing

When you can see through Jane Brown’s eyes, you can sell what Jane Brown buys.

Next I would recommend positioning yourself as an Authority figure.

People are looking for leaders, someone to follow.

Around minute 4:00 in my video below, I explain how and why being an authority is vital when it comes to online MLM marketing.

B – Branding

Should you brand you or your MLM company?

Here’s the reality:

When you brand your MLM company, there is nothing that will make you stand out from the hundreds (even thousands) of representatives in your business.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. 

If you brand your company alone, what’s stopping them from jumping ship as soon as they see a better offer, a better compensation plan or a better company?online mlm marketing

Perhaps you have the BEST company out there. There’s no way people are going to leave it once they see the offer/compensation/amazing products!

But the truth is not everyone will have the same vision that you have.

The main difference separating you from all the other representatives out there, is…YOU!

Another point to mention is that if (worst case scenario) something happens to the company, or you get bored and want to work on something else…

You’ll have to start from scratch, build another following, around a new company.

Wouldn’t it make sense if you build a community or a following around you?

I share more examples as to why branding YOU, Inc is important in the video below.

Plus feel free to take a look at my post on how to start creating your personal brand (click here.)

C – Consumer and Content

When people go online, what are they there for?

Usually it’s for fun, to socialize, catch up with their friends and family, learn new information and so on.

Most of the time, no one goes on Facebook with the mindset ‘Hey, what business opportunity should I join today?’

People like to BUY, but they don’t like to be SOLD.

Then how do you market to people?

The fastest way to build your brand and authority for online MLM marketing, is by creating content that solves your target market’s pain points.

online mlm marketing

I was listening to Ray Higdon (he currently holds the spot for the #1 Online MLM Marketing Blog via

He explains it so simply. Out Teach Your Competition. 

Create context, be consistent and connect with your target market online.

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