Preventing Overwhelm

Brand new to your home based business and feeling a little overwhelmed?

In this post, I cover a two strategies to help you release some of that stress so you can focus on building a solid business and become better at preventing overwhelm most of the time.

As an entrepreneur, being overworked and over-committed can sometimes feel like the norm.

This shouldn’t be the case all the time. Of course in any business, you will have periods where there will be a lot going on. However as you start to get some experience it will be easier to manage these busy time periods.

When you first start out (or even when you’ve been in your business for a while) there are some common causes that create the overwhelming feeling.

CAUSE #1: Information overload is the most prevalent one because there are so many seminars, live events, calls, meeting to attend. You may feel bombarded with too much information at once.
Solution: This may seem counter productive at first – but what you should do is commit to doing one information session a week. Then once you get the hang of that, you can add another, then another. Using this method will allow you to plug into a weekly session and prevent you from getting an information overload right as you start out. You’re the best judge of what you can handle, so when you feel like it’s becoming a hardship to plug into all the company’s calls and meetings, just dial it back. Remember to at least stick to once a week info session to stay up to date.

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CAUSE #2: Too Many Commitments is a sure way to end up overwhelmed. Having too many projects on the go. Helping other people with their tasks. Not having enough time in the day to work on the things you need to.
Solution: Learning when to say no when your schedule is full is a skill that some people have to work on. For others it comes easily. I have a hard time saying no when it comes to my friends and family. I consciously have to remind myself that I need to take care of myself first before helping others. You can’t help a drowning person if you’re drowning yourself. You are important and you are allowed to say ‘no’ to people.

I read a quote that said, “You don’t have to explain yourself to people, because those who mind don’t matter, and the one’s that matter don’t mind.”

I hope this helps! Let me know in the comments below if you got any value from this post!

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