Instagram Updates and Restrictions [June 2016]

Want to stay in the loop with Instagram Updates and Restrictions? In this post, I will be sharing what Instagram’s been up to for June 2016…

Take a look at the video below:

Instagram Updates and Restrictions

Instagram’s newest update changed the way user’s see the newsfeed.

It is no longer showing live posting – instead Instagram has adopted the similar algorithms as Facebook.

Your newsfeed is now going to share posts that have more engagement (likes and comments) and it will try to show you a feed based on your likes.

What this does is actually help weed out the amount of spam and irrelevant posts, all designed to make the user experience more friendly and tailored to you.

Most marketers find this annoying because they can no longer post frequently to hook in their customers (or spam their posts everywhere).

But this IS a good thing because now it’s all about quality and engagement.

Instagram is actually forcing you to become a better marketer and allows you to build a more intimate brand!

(By the way, you should be branding YOU and not your company… Read about it here)

Other Instagram Updates and Restrictions

New limit on following people is 60/hour. (It used to be 100, now it’s reduced.)

Instagram’s API changed so if you are using 3rd party apps to manage certain features you have to re-authenticate your account (fancy words for logging in again.)

Video length has increased from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.


Cool stuff!

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