Grow A Targeted Audience On Instagram In 15 Mins Per Day

Have you used Instagram to grow your home business?
In this post, I share how to grow a targeted audience on Instagram in just 15 minutes per day.

In this video, I share with you my top 4 tips (and free tools) on how to grow a targeted audience on Instagram.


Here are my 4 Tips on how to grow a targeted audience on Instagram:

1. Compelling Bio:

Create a compelling bio that will attract your target market and customer avatar.

Include a Call To Action (CTA) to FOLLOW you and another CTA to turn them into a lead for your business.

Your call to action can be your email, your phone number (I wouldn’t use my personal number), a link to a free training / offer / lead magnet.

2. Follow/Unfollow With These Tools: / (has an app and desktop version)

Use these tools to copy followers from someone who is already in your industry, an authority figure or a leader.

Unfollow people who do not reciprocate or unfollow you to keep a balanced ratio of followers and following.

3. #Hashtags

Use Instagram’s search feature and find relevant hashtags. Add people using those hashtags.

Find related hashtags using the Tag-o-Matic App.

Post pictures using relevant and related hashtags to boost engagement and attract new followers.

4. Analytics

Sign up for a free account

Learn the best times to post, which posts are getting the most engagement and track your stats with this app.

Vary your posts and see what the analytics show.


or your Instagram account could be deleted without notice.

New accounts should post 10 pictures before doing massive following and unfollowing.

Post consistently.

Don’t unfollow / follow too many people in the beginning.

Build up to it (example 10 people day 1, 20 people day 2…etc)


Grab some more Instagram training here:

how to grow a targeted audience on instagram


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how to grow a targeted audience on instagram

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