How To Generate Leads Online For Home Business

Are you interested in learning how to generate leads online for home business?

In this post, you’ll learn the 5 steps necessary to generate leads online.

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5 Steps On How To Generate Leads Online For Home Business

1. Identify Your Customer Avatar

There’s a difference between your target market and your customer avatar. Your target market is very broad or generalized. Your customer avatar is a very specific simulation of the perfect person you want to attract in your business.

2. Understand Their Problems

Dig deep and understand what are their worries, stress, doubts, and fears. Go beyond just their business challenges and think about their everyday life as well. What keeps them up at night?

3. Create a Giveaway / Solution

After coming up with a list of your customer avatar’s problems, think about the top three (relevant to your business) and then create a giveaway that answers and solves their challenge. A giveaway should be something easy to consume like a pdf, audio, or video.

A giveaway will position you as an expert and builds credibility in the marketplace.
Create your giveaway with your avatar in mind and provide VALUE.

4. Get Feedback

The marketplace always decides what is relevant. You may create some fantastic training, offer or giveaway and the market might reject it in favor of something else.

The best way to understand your audience is to talk to them and ask them questions. “What are some of your challenges right now?”

Also, many marketers keep an eye out for other people’s giveaways, ads and offers. Take a look around and see what’s working for other people, screenshot it, take a picture and save it for later so that you can have an idea on how to create your giveaway.

5. Traffic

What’s a store without people? You can create the best giveaway in the world, but if people aren’t seeing it, it doesn’t do anyone any good.

Where are your customers hanging out online. What groups do they join on Facebook, what sites do they like to visit?
Paid ads are usually the fastest way to get leads.

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*6. Plug Into A System

Plug into a system that’s already working.

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how to generate leads online for home business