One Simple Shift To Help You To Develop A Money Mindset

In this post, I will be sharing a simple shift in thinking to help you develop a money mindset so that you can start making more money in your home business (or life).

For a very long time, I seemed to be running around in circles.

I had all the ‘know how’ to build my business online/offline. I tried different things here and there..

But I wasn’t making any money.

The only reason I didn’t quit the industry was because I knew (-and this can be hard for some people to admit -) that there wasn’t anything wrong with my company, or my upline…

It was because of me.

Most people go through their lives with unconscious negative beliefs about money.

I know I’ve been working through a ton of negative beliefs.

These negative beliefs actually causes you to repel abundance into your life and creates self-sabotaging behaviors leaving you to wonder…

Why can’t I make any money?!

Do some of these sayings sound familiar:

Money doesn’t grow on trees.
Rich people are evil/selfish/snobby.
Money is the root of all evil.

And so on…

Whether we are aware or not, these beliefs become internalized.

It’s not always our fault. Especially when we hear these things growing up in our childhood.

Today’s post is about a very simple way to change the way you think about money, in order for you to develop a money mindset.


I was listening to a powerful audio that completely shifted my views.

In the audio, the speaker explained:

Something you have to understand is that money…is simply a RESULT.
It’s not something that you have or you don’t have.

It is a RESULT of: your habits, your actions, your decisions and the VALUE that you bring.


There are many people who say they want money. However most of the time it’s wishful thinking. There is no plan, no work, and most importantly no action.

Consider this…

Imagine if you wanted to get into shape and have a six pack abs. You can’t just sit on the couch eating donuts and chips hoping to have a six pack magically appear (wouldn’t that be awesome though).

You actually have to work for it, go to the gym, do regular exercise, monitor your diet…etc.


Your results are directly related to the actions you take.

develop a money mindset


Ask yourself…

What am I doing to achieve the results I desire in my business?

Am I being consistent?

Am I taking the right action steps?


The first step to develop a money mindset is realizing that:

Money is simply a result.

It is the result of your habits, actions, the value you put out, and the problems you solve in the market place.


If you would like more money in your business and your life…

Solve more problems and put more value in the marketplace.

develop a money mindset

I hope this helps! Let me know in the comments below if you got any value from this post!
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