Build Your Home Business On Instagram (3 Simple Tips)

Are you interested in learning how to build your home business on Instagram?

In this post, I’m going to be sharing 3 super simple tips – that even a beginner can use – to help you build your home business on Instagram.

how to build your home business on instagram

I’ve recently started on Instagram and I am super excited about it. There’s over 400 million users who are spending an average of 20 minutes per day on Instagram and it’s user base is continuing to grow.

What if you could attract the right people and become a lead magnet for your business, instead of chasing friends and family down?

Here’s how to build your home business with Instagram using these 3 simple steps:

Before I get into the steps – be sure you have your Instagram account set up first! If you need help, click here.

Next, because Instagram is a mobile platform, you cannot post from your computer. Download the Instagram app for free. (Note: I have a Blackberry, there is no native apps, you’ll have to use another app such as iGrann).

Set up a username and password. I would recommend trying to keep your username consistent across your branding to make it easy for your followers and audience to find you.

Now let’s get down to the action steps:

1. Create a Boss Bio

As a marketer, your bio isn’t really about you.

This is the first thing that people will look at before following you. It’s important to be yourself in your bio and don’t present yourself as someone you’re not. When you come across as fake, people won’t be interested in following you.

In your bio:
a) Tell your followers what your profile is about. What/Or how your company, brand, products can help them.
b) Have a call to action to follow your account
c) Link to a lead capture page

As you can see from my profile below, I explain what I do. I have a call to action to follow my account for motivation. And then a call to action to a lead capture page.

You don’t have to perfect it right away. Put something up rather than leave it empty. I’ve changed my bio several times and it will probably keep on changing as my brand evolves.

how to build your home business on instagram

2. Activate Your Audience

Find and connect with your target audience by searching relevant #hashtags. I use an app called Tagomatic which helps me find related hashtags to the topics I’m searching.

Get in the mindset of what your target audience is searching for online and connect with them.

Use free tools such as Crowdfire and Unfollowers to analyze your audience and find more followers by copying other people’s followers in your niche.

Building your audience is vital because it’s the key to generating traffic and leads to your call to action.

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how to build your home business on instagram


3. Captivating Content Creation

Content is KING. The content you put out, the quality and relevancy is what will make your audience engage with your posts.

Make sure you’re being consistent online. Post regular content for your audience at least once a day. Don’t: spam several posts in an hour or within minutes of each other. You’re going to want to leave some time, few hours even between your posts so that you don’t spam people’s newsfeeds. Spamming will get you ‘unfollowed’ fast.

What do you share? Take a look at my two articles on value based marketing (click here) and content based marketing (click here) to get an idea of what your audience might be interested in.

Keep your message and posts congruent with your brand. Post tips, motivational quotes, lifestyle photos and sprinkle some selfies in there as well.

Be yourself, let your personality peek though your posts. It will allow people to see that you’re a real person and it will attract people who want to do business with you.

You can repost other people’s content as well. There’s another app that allows you to do that as well.

Take a look at how your posts are performing, what your audience is most interested and engaging with, then onto the next step. Analyze your metrics, what posts preform well and then do more of those. Give your audience what they want. Track your growth for free free with

Those are my 3 tips to help you build your home business on Instagram.


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how to build your home business on instagram