Build Your Home Business Online With These 4 Steps

Unsure of how to build your home business online?

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you 4 steps to help you build your home business online.

When I started with my home business, I was super excited. I loved the company, I loved the products, and of course the compensation plan was pretty sweet too.


After going through my warm market, I was stuck. My main challenge was as a full time mom of a young baby I couldn’t go out and go through the usual methods of recruiting that most companies are teaching.

Now please understand, there’s a reason they teach a system. It’s because it DOES work. 

But what do you do when it can’t work for you?

Every time I picked up the phone, I couldn’t make it through 5 minutes without hearing “MOMMY!!” being shouted in the background.

Giving a 40 minute business presentation? I wish.

Instead I turned to the internet… this is how you’ve found me so something is definitely working there!

Now how can you get started to build your home business online? Here are my 5 steps:

Brand Yourself

In my previous posts, I explain the importance of branding yourself (click here to read). Especially if you’re in the home based business industry.

build your home business online

Online, I see people pitching their opportunities to everyone and anyone but they’re not getting results. 

The reason why? Because: People do business with people they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST. 

This is why personal branding is crucial for you. It allows you to build trust, credibility and create an attraction factor so that people WANT to do business with you.

It is what separates you from the thousands of distributors in your company.

If they only knew you, they would buy from you. 

Want more tips on creating a personal brand, here’s another post I wrote (click here).

Build Your Audience

Before building your audience, the question is:

Who’s your target audience? What are their needs and wants?

build your home business onlineWhen you can see through your audience’s eyes, you can sell what your audience buys.

Imagine trying to sell basketballs to ballerinas. You wouldn’t get too far and your business probably won’t make it past it’s first year. (Sorry, I know I being totally negative. Maybe you’ll find a strange niche market, basketballerinas.)

The way to build your audience is to give value, solve their problems and address their needs and wants.  Take a look at my articles on how to do that here and here using content marketing and value based marketing.

When people go online, they want to consume content, they want to learn something, and they want to be entertained. They’re definitely not looking to be pitched.

People like to buy but they don’t like to be sold.

Once you understand who your audience is, start building online through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Blogging.

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Provide Value

The biggest mistake that people make when they first start online: it’s not about you. Shocker! It’s about what you can do for your audience.

How can you relieve their pain and solve their problems?

This is the key to building your brand. When you provide value, you build a relationship with people. They begin to know, like and trust you.

They see you as an expert and a source of credibility. Why is that important? Click here to read my post where I mention the power of being an authority figure.

What can you do to provide value and build your home business online?

The simplest way to do so is solve their problems and challenges.

build your home business online

Teach and share relevant information, how-to posts, helpful tips in your field that appeals to your target audience. Create content through Blogging, post on a Facebook Fanpage, on Twitter, or Instagram.

Here’s some really awesome training to get started on these social media platforms:

build your home business online


build your home business online


build your home business online


Capture Leads

If you want to automate your success online, you need a way to capture leads and build an email list.

According to the top online home business entrepreneurs:

The money is in your list. 

Some even go as far as saying that the size of your list is going to determine your paycheck.

How do you go about building a list?

You have to create a lead magnet that appeals to your target audience. It could be in the form of a webinar, a free pdf download, an mp3 audio, an eBook.

This is commonly referred to as an ‘ethical bribe’ for your audience to exchange their personal information such as name, email and even phone number with you.

Once you have people subscribing to your list, they become a lead that you can build a relationship and follow up with through email marketing.


Those are my 4 steps on how to build your home business online.

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