9 Tips To Grow Your Facebook Fanpage Following (Most Are FREE!)

Are you searching for ways to grow your Facebook fanpage following?

You’re in the right place because in this post I will be sharing my 9 tips with you! And best of all, most of them are free!

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms and it’s a great way to build an audience of fans who look forward to your posts.

9 Tips To Grow Your Facebook Fanpage Following



1. Invite Your Friends.
This is the simplest way to build your fanpage following. All you have to do is go to your fanpage, on the left hand menu, click on Invite Friends To Like This Page. Easy Peasy!

2. Connect & Network.
Everyday, try to connect with a few people who are your customer avatars, target market and in the same field with similar interest. Once you connect with them, you can build a relationship and invite them to like your page.

3. Add A Link From Your Personal Profile. 
In your personal profile, you can add your fanpage by editing the “Works at” section. This is a great way for curious eyes and nosey friends (hehe) to see what you’re upto.

4. Join A Syndication Group.
For my friends who are new to online marketing, ‘syndication groups’ are where other marketers support each others’ pages (or even blog posts, videos, content) by liking, commenting, sharing. They are also known as ‘bumping groups’. Be sure to read the rules of each group and abide by them!

5. Participate in Share Days.
Many fanpages choose to host a day where you can network with other fanpages. The more popular one is called Fanpage Fridays. It is easy to participate and you can even host your own. Use hashtags such as #fanpagefriday so that other pages can find you. Be sure to ‘give love’ to ‘get love’.

grow your facebook fanpage following

6. Comment On Pages Using Your Fanpage
Use your fanpage as a personal profile to comment and engage with other posts. You can reply to people’s comments, you can share your views and some people may get curious and check your page out.

7. Add Your Fanpage Link to Your Blog/Emails/etc.
Having your fanpage linked on your social media profiles, your blog, and your emails allows more people the change to go over and like it to see what you’re upto. For example my blog has a side bar where you can directly like my page, without even leaving!

By the way, if you’re in a home business take a look at my previous post on why it’s pretty important to have a blog. Click here.

8. Post in Groups
Share your fanpage posts in relevant groups to gain more visibility, reach and people who will come over to your page and like it. Remember to share VALUE that is pertinent to the group, otherwise you’re just spamming. No one likes spamming.

9. Run a Likes Ad Campaign
[the ONLY paid thing on this list.] If you’ve got a marketing budget set aside, it very simple to run a Likes campaign. One of the best things about Facebook marketing that is incredible – you can get REALLY specific about who you want to target to show your ad to. For example, if you want to reach 39 year old women who live in Canada and like ‘Healthy Living’ and ‘Eric Worre’ ‘Ray Higdon’ and ‘Savvy Network Marketing Women’, you can!


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Hope you enjoyed this post on how to grow your Facebook fanpage following! I would greatly appreciate it if you left me a comment below!

grow your facebook fanpage following

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