12 Habit Patterns Of Winners

Would you like to know the 12 Habit Patterns of Winners that successful people incorporate in their daily lives?

In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you the lessons I learned from one of my favorite speakers, Ed Foreman.

Ed Forman has been speaking, training and leading executive development programs since 1960! You can learn more about him on his site here.

His audios are incredibly powerful and I wanted to share my notes from his audio “Habit Patterns Of Winners”.

habit patterns of winners

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12 Habit Patterns of Winners

1. Don’t criticize, condemn or complain. Think of ways to improve the situation. The big rewards are paid for finding the solution, not the difficulty.

habit patterns of winners

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TIP: This can be a real challenge for many people, myself included because we are so used to doing it.  To help you improve on this habit, simply pay attention to the words you say and listen to the thoughts that you think throughout the day. Being conscious of your thoughts and words is the first step to changing this habit.

2. Show real, honest and hearty appreciation. Let others know that they are loved.

TIP: Make it a habit to complement (sincerely!) one person a day. If you can’t show appreciation to others around you, start with yourself! Which leads into the next habit pattern…

3. Think good thoughts about other people. And YOURSELF!

TIP: There’s an interesting thing that happens when you start thinking good about other people. They start seeming more nicer, more human, and believe it or not, they pick up those good vibrations you’re sending out and reciprocate them back. I made it into a game, The Understanding Game. For example, when someone cuts me off in traffic, I say to myself, maybe they’re rushing to see their baby being born, maybe they’re running late to an appointment, maybe their boss is on their case and they’re upset.

TIP for yourself: We can be our worst critic. Instead, be your own cheerleader. Love and accept yourself for who you are, the journey your taking and think good thoughts towards the most important person, you!

4. Give before you get. Always give others a reason to agree with you before asking of them.

habit patterns of winners

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TIP: Do I mean giving in the physical sense (like gifts)? Not always. Give a smile, a kind word, share value with others. Today, it seems that every wants something but there’s not enough giving. Start small. You don’t have to go out of your way to say a few kind words.

5. Smile often. It generates enthusiasm, friendliness and goodwill.

TIP: There are numerous studies on the positive effects of smiling. There are health benefits as well as mental and emotional benefits as well. Take a deep breath and give it a go, smile, throw your shoulders back and you’ll begin to feel like a million bucks!

6. Remember names. A person’s name is the sweetest, most important sound he/she hears and instantly captures his/her attention each time it’s used.

TIP: Do your best to remember a person’s name and use it in your conversation. This is a great way to build your rapport and relationship with that individual. Use word associations to help you remember.

7. Be an effective communicator by listening. Encourage others to talk about themselves by asking questions. Use When, Where, Who, What, How and When.

TIP: A quote that comes to mind is, “You were given two ears and one mouth. Use them proportionately.” When you find yourself talking too much, ask a question and see what the other person is thinking and feeling.

8. Think, act and look happy and successful and you will begin to think, feel and actually become successful and happy.

habit patterns of winners

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TIP: I’m not talking about going out and buying a new house, suit, car or anything like that. That’s to impress other people. Instead do small things like listen to personal development audios to change your thinking, smile and speak about things that uplift and inspire you, and take care in the way you look and feel.

9. Never engage in worry conversations or participate in gossip sessions.

TIP: If you ask my husband, he would say I used to be a HUGE worrier. Especially as a mom. It’s like a built in feature. What I’ve started to do was accept that life is a series of events.

There will always be challenges. Ultimately it’s how you react to them that will determine whether or no it’s a good or bad event.

Changing my mindset and re-framing a seemingly negative event as a stepping stone to grow as a person is what really helped me.

TIP: Avoiding gossip can be really challenging. It’s so easy to get caught up in what he said/she said. What I start to do now is either change the topic, walk away from the conversation politely.

10. Always greet others with a positive, cheerful statement, not the question, “How are you?”

TIP: Usually when you hear the question how are you, the usual response is fine, good, or something automatic without much thought behind it. Instead, try changing it up with a positive statement like habit #12.

11. Respond to another’s question, “How are you?” with an enthusiastic, meaningful “TERRIFIC!”

TIP: Even when you’re not feeling it, try this one out. You don’t have to lie and hide your feelings if you’re going through a tough time. What you can do is say, “Things are a little bit challenging right now, but I’m sure I’ll be back to feeling TERRIFIC in no time.”
The words you use in simple everyday communication can have a profound effect on your mood and your attitude for the day.

12. Look for and expect GOOOD things to happen to you…inquire of others: “What GOOOD things are happening with you today?”

TIP: First, why is ‘good’ exaggerated like that? That’s how Ed Foreman speaks! You’ll see what I’m talking about in the video at the end.

Now, another quote that comes to mind when I get to the last on my list for the habit patterns of winners is, “You will always find what you seek.” When you begin to look for the good in your life, you will see more good surrounding you, you will attract more good situations, people and events into your life.

habit patterns of winners

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One thought that keeps me grounded when things aren’t always going great is that there is always someone who is in a worst situation than I am. And I take a look around me for things that I can be grateful for…my health, my family, a home, food on the table…etc.


I’d like to share with you an Ed Foreman audio that listen to quite regularly whenever I need motivation!


Those are the 12 Habit Patterns of Winners and an awesome motivational audio.


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